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    About Yirssi

    Yirssi’s work has been published in The Huffington Post, The Grand Rapids Press, and in different blogs.

    She has won a number of awards from the American Model United Nations, the Michigan Press Association, , and the Michigan Community College Press Association.

    Yirssi is a multilingual and multicultural writer, student and activist. If you are interested in hiring her or learning more about her, please read her clips , and contact her.

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    Power Minority

    Thankfully the world is much more accepting of diversity than it was, say even 10 years ago. Still, inequalities and stereotypes follow us minorities every where we go. Every minority has had to fight every step of the way in order to attain some power.

    That's what this blog is about. About the plenty of empowered minorities walking the earth, and about how to attain more power in order to move forward.

    The blog will feature interviews with empowered individuals, tips, must read books and much more. Stay tuned!